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Forest Limited Edition Sketch Pad Design

Designer: Via E


Forest Sketch Pad design was created as an exercise in a Fashion Design class.  An image of the forest was provided and I was to use it as inspiration.  I chose Kewanee as my secondary inspiration and created this fashion illustration with the intent to make it a real outfit for Kewanee.  Extra attention to detail was taken.  The pastel orange top is lined through the bodice, the shorts have a pleated ruffle above the snap closure waistband.  Matching necklace, wristbands of flowing fringe, native woven arm band, head band and removable ceremonial paint sticker that will not harm Kewanee's face paint.  A long bow has an orange wrap is made out of PLA, a natural filament for 3D printing.  The arrow is tipped with foam.  (Boots optional.)

Each will come with a signed and numbered copy of the original concept.  This is a Limited Edition.

Fits all Dollfriends except Alexis.

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