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Nikan of the Potawatomi Tribe (TM)

Designer: Via E


Nikan of the Potawatomi Tribe(TM) was created to extend the Dollfriends(R) line to include boys.  Boys are full of energy, curiosity, and eager for adventure.  May those adventures be those of building or conquering, boys add something special to our worlds.  Every girl should have a brother in her life!

Nikan is made in partnership with Selena Rodriguez.  Nikan is a custom product and requires two steps.  Step one is the creation of Nikan's custom clothing.  Step two requires Nikan to be shipped to Selena Rodriguez for custom face painting.  Step three is shipment to your home.

1st payment of $125.00 is paid at time of purchase.

2nd payment of $40.00 + shipping is paid to Selena Rodriguez upon completion of custom face paint.

Nikan requires two to three weeks to complete these steps.  All sales are final.

Nikan's clothing is based on historical fashions and assembly.  A combination of faux suede and real leather splits are used to create an authentic and durable meet outfit.  The body and face uses a Kewanee foundation.  Face paint and clothing differences are used to create Nikan.

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