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Mary of the Middle East Advanced Production Adventure


Designer: Via E

$85.00 $125.00

Our Newest Advance Production Adventure™,  Mary of the Middle East™ will add to our Dollfriend® line and take us to another far away region.  Mary will have dark wavy hair, blue green eyes, olive skin tone, and have joints at the wrists, elbows, and knees. She will have an entirely new body, yet still be sized to share clothing with all the Dollfriends.

Mary has a special purpose.  Mary is a girl who has an infinite ability to love and accept those around her.  She does not see country boarders, race or understand those who are mean-spirited.  Mary hopes someday to become an ambassador, crossing the boarders of the Middle East in an effort spread love and encourage cooperation.

When you join Mary's Advanced Production Adventure, you become part of the design team.  In the early stage you will help shape Mary's sculpt, and watch her move from concept to prototype.  Next, you will vote on what Mary should wear in her box and finally, your name will be added to her outer box to document your participation.

This is an experience purchase with the end result being the delivery of a signed and numbered, first production, Mary Dollfriend.

All sales are final; no refunds.  Delivery of Mary is based on length of design and production requirements.  Updates are posted on the ViaE.Dollfriends Facebook page.

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