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Via E Learning Culture

Learning is a naturally occurring activity and byproduct of play.  The question is, what are our children learning at play?  

The goal of Dollfriends are to stimulate wholesome fun and natural learning.  Though Alexis' journeys around the world, she embraces new cultures, tries new things and builds new friendships.  Each of Alexis' Dollfriends add culture, and a learning value.  

Alexis O'ShayAlexis was born in the United States and travels the world with her parents.  Through Alexis we learn about new places, meet new people, and learn new things. Alexis models curiosity, compassion and optimism.  Alexis currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil and is learning to speak Brazilian Portuguese.

Elena DollfriendAlexis' Brazilian friend, Elena, is half German and half Portuguese.  Elena is full of Latin spice and models artistic and creative talents. Living next door to Alexis in São Paulo, Elena was the first friend Alexis met when she moved to Brazil. Elena shares her cultural roots as well as her talents as we play together through both online and offline adventures.

Tatiana DollfriendTatiana, lives on Praia Vermelha (The Red Sand Beach) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alexis and Elena met Tatiana when they went to Praia Vermelha to learn how to surf.  The girls ended up on a treasure hunt and found gold coins in the sand.  Now they are best friends forever.  Tatitna models a love of history, archaeology, loves to climb trees, dig in the sand, and swim in the ocean.  She speaks Portuguese but is learning how to speak English. Tatiana is a girl of strength, one who would stand up and protect her friends.  Alexis calls her a Warrior Princess because of her strength and her exotic look.  Tatiana is half African and half Inca Indian.

 Kewanee of the Potawatomi Tribe DollfriendKewanee of the Potawatomi Tribe meets Alexis while Alexis was on a camping vacation with her Grandmother at the Patawatomi State Park.  Kewanee is learning the ways of the Potawatomi and is teaching Alexis and her new friends through crafts, books, and videos.

The goal is to introduce various cultures and looks that are different than one's own.  It's an exploration and celebration of diversity.


As more Dollfriends are added, each bring a new learning value and culture.  You, the Via E Family participate in designing each new Dollfriend.  The journey is not one told, but is a journey shared.



All books and activities are based on developing a love for learning, exploring and creating. Application of Common Core Educational Foundations are woven into each story and every activity.  This practice supports the learning objectives of today's educational institutions.  More importantly, learning is fun. Nurturing a love of learning is the first step toward your child finding success in life.

Every clothing outfit has a Storicard. These short stories, no longer than a paragraph, not only encourage reading but they also build a life-like relationship with each Dollfriend. The stories told come with fun facts or activities found on the back of the card.  Collecting the cards make for a fun hobby and a unique scrap book of your fun.

In addition to the books with stories that mix cultures and activities based on Common Core learning foundations, Via E has designed the following participative educational resources:

Story and Activity Books

Each Alex Storicolor®, Early Learning or activity book is created to mix education with adventure. Storicolor books are centered on real geographic and cultural settings written into  fantasy adventure stories.  Toss in a little science, art, or math along the way and we have a formula for natural learning. Each book invites the reader to color, journal or participate in a craft. The  activity books are designed to create active learning opportunities within the context of creating or making things that add to the play environment. An Early Learning series brings the learning fun to our youngest of participates and are perfect for English as a Second Language students.  


The Via E learning culture is based on the same Common Core learning strategies that are taught in classrooms around the world. Many hours of research and training has been invested to provide a play environment that supports learning goals.  Via E is committed to wholesome, family values.  Progressive values are being integrated globally, but they will not be discussed or included in Via E materials.  Progressive values are best left to each family to discuss and each individual to embrace based on their own beliefs.

Via E Learning Blog

The Via E Learning blog contains fun Dollfriend things to do, parenting and education articles, and general Via E posts.  We encourage you to visit the Via E Learning Blog to add to your learning and play culture resources.

Motivation for Creative Writing


Rewards for Excellent Work

Via Education was designed as a reward system. Girls can send in their work that received an A or equivalent grade and we will send them a discount code good toward Via E purchases.  

It is easy! Send a copy of a report card or A paper to to receive a 10% discount code towards your next purchase.  

Or find the Via E Via Education app in the Apple app store.  Look for this icon:

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