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About Via E


Our Vision

To provide a safe environment for girls to be girls delivering products that support imagination, goals and dreams for their tomorrows.

Our Mission

To enhance the experience of growing up, reinforcing ethical values while nurturing skills that provide girls the tools to be all that they dream to become.


Founder's Letter

Success starts in an unencumbered mind where anything is possible. The minds of the young are therefore best suited for the seeds of success to grow. Repetition of anything creates a habit or a skill, thus, the dreams and play practices of our youth become the foundations of their futures.

It is our goal, our mission, to help build life skills and give lift to the dreams of every girl, across all social and economic boundaries while providing opportunities for girls to help each other. My dream and the purpose of this company is to ignite the sparkle in every girl’s eyes while helping each of them grow to fulfill their dreams.

Via E was built to partner with parents—to deliver products that support parenting goals.  We are not a large corporation; we are parents with a quest to reclaim our children’s playtime from today’s large corporations who follow the latest entertainment trends without regard for impact on the children they are suppose to serve.

My door, my heart, is always open to you.  If you have any questions or any ideas of what you would like Via E to participate in, email me at

Many warm wishes,

Ellen Callen

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