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Via E Dollfriend® Care Instructions

Your Via E Dollfriend is made of a high quality vinyl and is strung together with a heavy gauge elastic.  Her hair is a very fine high quality synthetic hair which is sewn into her head.  The sleep eyes are an assembly consisting of plastic and a metal housing.  Below are the dos and don’ts of care:


Hair Care

Brush Dollfriend hair with a brush that has no sharp points.  We reccomend the Wet Brush product.  Another good brush is one that has little ball shaped tips that protect your Dollfriend from being damaged.

When detangling, always start at the bottom of the hair and work your way up to the top of the head.  Dip your brush in water before brushing to help lubricate the hair or use a mild detangling product like such as Revlon Revitalizing Conditioner for Synthetic Hair.  DO NOT pull hard as that will cause the hair to frizz.

One or two big loose braid(s) is a good way to help protect the hair since it keeps it manageable during active play.  The hair will form a wave if the braid is left in for a day or more.  This wave will fall out on its own or you can get the hair wet.

Always wash Dollfriend hair with mild baby shampoo and follow up with a mild natural cream rinse.  DO NOT scrub the hair, lightly lather with the hair remaining long and free from kinking.

Foam rollers can be used but be careful not to kink the ends when wrapping and keep the hair free of the roller’s closures.

Never use rubber bands that are not coated in the synthetic Dollfriend hair.  This will cause severe damage to the hair.

Do not use hair spray.  Hair spray can create a coating on the hair that can become permanent resulting in loss of shine.

NEVER use heat!  Heat will melt the hair.  No blow dryers, no curling irons, no steaming…no heat.


General Body Care

Via E Dollfriend bodies are made of vinyl.  They are easily cleaned but can become stained.  Stay away from products with red dyes or indigo blue as these dyes do not set completely and will transfer their color to objects they contact.

Do not leave your Dollfriend in a hot car or window as it can cause fading.  Heat is not a Dollfriend's friend.

Do not over extend any of the Dollfriend’s joints by pulling on them hard enough to create extreme tension to the internal elastic.  Gentle separation of the joints is fine and necessary to remove water from the inside of the body after water play.

Perform Dollfriend Yoga by stretching the opposite arms or legs of any lose limb. This will redistribute the elastic and help balance the tension of the elastic resulting in tightening lose limbs.


After Water Care

NOTE: Never saturate Dollfriend eyes.  Saturation will cause eyelashes to fall out.  Chlorine can dissolve the eyelash glue if it remains on the eyes.  Float Dollfriends face up so the eyes are out of the water.  Blow any water out of the eye sockets so the eyes do not sit in water.  Dollfriends are dolls that can get wet but are not equivalent to water toys.  Care must be taken.  

To keep your Dollfriend healthy and capable of play in water, please follow the following instructions:

1)    Gently remove water from the exterior body and hair by gently patting with a towel.

Dollfriend Water Removal

2)    Remove the water in the eyes.  To do this bring your Dollfriend’s face close to your mouth and blow a forceful puff of air into the corner of one eye—like as if you were blowing out a candle.  Do this until no more water comes out.  Pat dry the water off your Dollfriend’s face and then repeat on the other eye--DO NOT RUB EYES or eyelashes as this can cause eyelashes to come lose or shift. Allow 24 hours of dry time if water play was extensive to the eyes.

3)    Next, stand your Dollfriend up and gently pull open the lower arms and legs one by one, emptying the water.  This same process can be done with the upper legs to help remove water trapped in the torso.  You may need to repeat this process a second time as the water finds its way to the limbs.

4)    If water enters the head, hold your Dollfriend on her side and tilt her head in the opposite direction to open up the neck joint.  Shake as needed to encourage water to exit.  You will need to pull firmly as the head is secured tightly but the elastic stringing will allow for separation of the joint. Second production Alexis Dollfriends have a drain in the head to make water removal easier.

5)    Follow the hair care instructions for combing out your Dollfriend’s hair.  Always use a detangler to help manage tangled wet hair.

Always wash your Dollfriend with mild soap and water after use in pools or salt water.  It is not recommended for your Dollfriend to play in lakes or any place where there are signs of algae or other unclean water sources.  If unclean water play is conducted, you must wash the inside and outside of your Dollfriend.  It is recommended to follow up with a white vinegar rinse inside your Dollfriend to kill any bacteria remaining from the unclean water. 


Mold Prevention

Do not store your Dollfriend in the bathroom or other place where there is excess moisture.

Follow the after water care instructions after every water event.

If you suspect mold accumulation, kill mold with grapefruit seed extract and white vinegar.  Create a solution of grapefruit seed extract and water in the ratio of 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract per cup of vinegar.  Using an eye dropper, carefully place the solution into the affected areas and let it sit for 6 to 8 hours then rinse with ample water and follow the standard water care instruction.  DO NOT let the grapefruit seed solution sit on the outside of your Dollfriend’s body.  This natural mold killer is not toxic but the natural acid may cause bleaching of your Dollfriend’s body if it remains on the body for a long period of time.  Do not let a child play with a Dollfriend that has any signs of mold.  This procedure can be done as a preventative measure for Dollfriends that participate in a lot of water play.  White vinegar which will also remove any rust of internal parts.  The Natural Dollfriend® After Water Care - Mold Prevention and Treatment is recommended.

NOTE:  Your Dollfriend is a doll that can play in water but she is NOT A BATH TOY.  This means she should not lay in water for extended times.  This will cause damage and rusting of the eyes.  Water after care is vital to the health of your Dollfriend.


Clothing Care Instructions

It is recommended that all clothing be hand washed in cold water and line or flat dry.  If needed, iron on lowest setting.


Product Warranty Information

All Via E Dollfriends are covered by a one year warranty.  If she becomes injured for any reason during reasonable play, we will fix or replace her at no charge.  Owner will be responsible for shipping unless Dollfriend injury is due to a manufacturer’s flaw.  Reasonable play does not cover fire, or severe abuses of the product.  Severe abuses will be determined by what the average person would understand as child play.  Product repair or replacement is limited to one occurrence in 12 months starting at the date of purchase.  Proof of purchase and registration to the MyKare Healthcare policy is required.



My Kare Dollfriend health care and replacementMyKare is a health care policy for your Via E Dollfriends. Each Dollfriend comes with a one year free treatment policy that can be extended to cover her natural life.

Under the first year of coverage, if your Dollfriend gets hurt, just send her to our doctors and we will fix or replace her for FREE*.  The Mykare policy can be extended by purchasing a renewal policy.  The MyKare renewal policy is good for one hospital visit covering fix or replacement.  The MyKare renewal policy only expires upon consumption of the one covered visit.

The MyKare healthcare policy plan is designed to make play worry free for both girls and their parents. MyKare gives you piece of mind and provides your special girl with a Dollfriend who will last a lifetime.

Purchase a MyKare full fix or replace renewal policy.


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*Shipping is not included unless of a manufacture defect.

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