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Makoto (Mako) Akemi ™ 2nd Production

Designer: Via E


Makoto (Mako's) second production is limited to 200.  Makoto (Mako's)  first production was a hit!   This time around, Makoto (Mako's) will get the new Brother Adventure ball-jointed body.  Ball-joints at the elbows and knees allow Makoto (Mako's)  to hold action poses.  His body is sculpted with a "boy-bump" making him truly representative of a little boy.  His new comic book will build on the first taking the characters on another adventure.  

The community had decided Makoto (Mako's)  will have a Ninja costume with components that can be re-mixed into a modern day boy play clothes outfit.  Ninja theme will focus on defending others from harm vs. combat aggression. 


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