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Moving to Japan - An Alexis O'Shay Adventure

Designer: Via E


Alexis' father, Nick O'Shay is a travel magazine writer for "Today's Passport." In 2012, the family left their home in San Clemente, California for Brazil. In Brazil Alexis met her now best friends, Elena and Tatiana. Due to a new assignment, Nick O'Shay and his family must move to Japan. Alexis will have to say goodbye to her Brazilian friends and face a new adventure of learning a new culture and making new friends. Alexis finds, true friends are never lost and adjusting to a new culture was not as difficult as she thought it might be. Meet Alexis' new friend Melina, and follow the girls as Melina introduces Alexis to many of her favorite things found in Japan. Activities included: coloring pages, calligraphy, origami, and a whole lot of fun.

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