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My Name is Kewanee of the Potawatomi Tribe - Let's Go To A Pow Wow

Designer: Via E


My Name is Kewanee of the Potawatomi Tribe - Lets Go To A Pow Wow was created following early learning practices. Kewanee is learning about her Potawatomi heritage and takes the reader along in a series of books.  "The My Name is..." series introduces each new Dollfriend, providing a background to help start the play environment. This book contains large full color images and provides opportunities for readers to become involved in the story by learning how to do the Native American dance of the fancy shawl and creating their own fancy shawl regaila pieces. Readers even learn how to greet Kewanee in Potawatomi language. At the end of the book, readers can add their own picture as they become Kewanee's new friend. Regalia instructions include Dollfriend and child size.

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