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Natural Dollfriend® After Water Care - Mold Prevention and Treatment

Designer: Via E


Water play is fun.  Just like real girls your Dollfriend® needs care after playing in water in order to keep her healthy.  Natural Dollfriend® After Water Care solution is made with white vinegar, grapefruit seed extract and a touch of Brazilian Acai berry sent.  It is non-toxic and an effective treatment to prevent or cure mold or rust.  Simply insert the nozzle between your Dollfriend's® joints and head and gently shake to coat the insides of your Dollfriend®.  Leave the solution in for 6 to 8 hours and then remove and dry using the normal after water play drying instructions.  If your Dollfriend® plays a lot in water, this treatment should be done monthly or when there is suspicion of mold or rust in the interior of your Dollfriend®.  This solution is an effective treatment and preventative measure to protect your Dollfriend®.  Applying this treatment is required to keep your MyKare warranty active.

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