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Noah James Nodin™

Designer: Via E


Noah James Nodin Advanced Production Adventure will be a new design created for boy's action play.  Like popular action figures, Noah will have joints at the elbows and knees that will allow him to be posed in action poses.  One hand will be designed to grasp items and the other to support items grasped being slightly more open.    His body will be designed as a boy being a bit broader at the shoulders and slightly narrower at the hips.  Noah's rooted hair will have lose light brown tossed curls.  Eyes of brown or blue/green.

Noah's heritage is French/Canadian and Ojibwe.  HIs father heads up a division of a Japanese computer gaming company and was recently transferred to Japan to work at the corporate office.  This brings Noah to Japan where he meets Mako Akemi.   Like Mako, Noah will be about 18.5" tall.

Early participations of this Advanced Production Adventure will be actively involved in guiding and approving the design.  Your name will be printed on Noah's box to document your participation.  This is a limited production of only 200 signed and numbered Noah.

Advanced Production Adventure orders not only get to be part of the design team, but also receive the advanced price of only $90.00.  Once Noah is in stock, the full price will be $135.00.  Because of the new joints allowing action poses, Noah's price is just a little bit higher than Mako due to increased production costs.  But it will be worth it!


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